Marvel Wishes to Create Video Game Titles Similar to the MCU

Marvel Games vice president and executive producer Mike Jones has announced the company has a roadmap for the potential ambitious game development that’s not as opposed to how the MCU was produced. Since its release in 2008, the MCU has become the largest and the most successful movie franchise with more than 20 plans in its catalog, at least until Phase 3 wraps ups in 2019.


As opposed to the MCU, the Marvel Games department has struggled to execute at the same level that its film and TV counterparts do. This, although its generally has connection to the same characters that headline the studio’s big blockbusters. Jones has referred to the problem and discussed that Marvel Games can be definitely in the way of producing critical improvements to streamline their material starting with potential promising releases like Insomniac’s Spider-Man and Square Enix’s Avengers.


In an comprehensive interview with GameSpot in last month’s E3, the gaming department exec teased thrilling items is right just about to happen:


“We absolutely have a roadmap. We have some incredible mobile, console, and VR games planned that i can’t announce or talk about today. We are curating our portfolio and trying to find the best match for character, partner, genre, platform and trying to not just see who wants a license to make a game. We’re actually very active in planning what are the right experiences for the right franchises for the right platforms, as well as finding the right partners who can provide the best of that. ”


Additionally, Jones has compared getting game creators Marvel are able to partner with for potential game plans to an MCU film searching for the best-suited director for the job — choosing different elements such as character, tone, and game category all into account during the selection process:


“Marvel Studios decides who directs a film based on a character’s genre and type of story they’re in, so we’re similarly thinking the same way of who would be perfect for a Spider-Man or an Avengers game experience. We want to make sure that we pair the right characters and the right franchises with the best possible developers. There is a clinical portfolio management excel spreadsheet component to this process, but more importantly, it’s about passion. Teams are going to work on a game for three or four years, so the quality and the authenticity of the experience lives or dies by the passion and the vision of the teams that we’re working with. We’re constantly looking for development teams and publishers who love Marvel and are excited to tell a story or bring a particular experience to life. We’re here to support that drive. We think of ourselves as kind of facilitators in that sense. We want each of our partners to be the vision holder for their games. ”


What is excellent about Marvel films is it always aiming to give something refreshing concerning sub-genre. Captain America: Winter Soldier has elements akin to a political thriller, while Ant-Man is a heist film, and the Avengers films are culminating spectacles that get launched every few years. Marvel games can also wish to follow the same route choosing which characters work best in shooter, adventure/survival, role-playing, strategy or simulation games to keep players interested.


Through the years, Marvel’s business plan has led to significant critical and commercial success, and it is no real shock that other companies — even other Marvel divisions, are attempting to copy it. The model enables individuals to be invested in characters and properties that, along with revealing to a single story, also guide the universe as a whole build toward the next long-running story thread. With Marvel Games also hoping to put its characters at the attention and present them the best option gaming treatment, it won’t be too challenging to gain the same attention that the Marvel films have.