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Height can be the most important matter on volleyball, but it will not suppress the main character Hinata Shouyo to turns into the top volleyball player ever. Even though he has small body and almost zero skill in volleyball, he does not give up and tried so hard to obtaining his dream. That is all about Haikyuu!



Certainly, both anime and manga series get so much popularity due to the story and character development. Haikyuu!! considered to turn out to be among the best sport manga and anime for fans. As an enthusiast, you aren’t going to halt just reading manga or watching anime alone, right? That is why we also provide you some recommendations which Haikyuu!! merchandise that would be the best for you!

Mascot Keychain

Offered by Genki Anime, it is 100% legally licensed product with around 4 cm in tall. Besides Kenma, you can also get another character mascot including Kageyama Tobio, Hinata Shouyo, Oikara Tohru, and Aone Takanobu.



The vendor is utterly legit! They will send you the package and detail. The item itself may be very clean and looks like a gatchapons. This keychain is also lovely! But please note that they are small or medium sized much like small keychain in general. But we are confident you will not be disappointed with this especially for Haikyuu!! fans.


The poster is showing main visual of the series. It’s high quality scroll poster which all pictures are shooted by functionality goods. The size itself is around 23,6 * 35,4 inches or adequate to 60*90 cm.


Even though colors are not as bright as in the picture, the entire poster, quality of the fabrics and picture are actually awesome. Please take into account that the drawing is not going to be so excellent, since wall scrolls are created from fabric. But the fabric itself is robust which can be amazing.



The picture is not mainly HD quality, mostly around the characters on the sides, but this is not a big issue because you will not notice it if it is far away from you. Overall, this scroll is still advisable for you and the price is also amazing.

Manager Kiyoko Shimizu Jacket

Sold by F&C, this jacket will be a great for both fans and cosplayer. We mean that this jacket not only for cosplay, but you are able to wear whenever you want to. It is available for several sizes including S, M, L and XL.


Apart from cosplay and daily use, the jacket really can be used for your workouts, especially when you choose to play volleyball. For cosplayers, we feel that take only this jacket could be enough for you.



This jacket could be ideal for Spring season and cold Summer night. It is really robust and really comfortable to wear. The fabric feels smooth and soft. So, this jacket is advisable for those who really like Haikyuu!! so much and it is among the best Haikyuu!! products on internet.

Food Mascot

Produced by Takara Tomy Art, this keychain of food mascot of Haikyuu!! might be a wonderful product or gift for any Haikyuu fans out there. The full set comes with


1. Hinata Shouyo on Tamago-kake gohan

2. Sugawara on Spicy mobu-tofu

3. Sawamura on Soy-sauce Ramen

4. Azumane on Pork Ramen

5. Kenma on Apple Pie

6. Kuroo on Saury of Grilled.



It is really easy to make it into a standard keychain simply by hanging a cell phone strap. Overall, they’re just really cute and you will definitely love it. It is perfect as a present for anime lovers, particularly if they are a huge fan of Haikyuu!!

Tsukishima Kei Nendoroid

Brought in by Orange Rouge and from the hit anime + manga series, this Tsukishima Kei nendoroid comes with three facial expression which include a regular, a serious and a condescending smirk face. He furthermore is sold with various optional parts that allow you to replicate popular scenes from the series, and a volleyball together with base made in the image of a court. His sports eye glasses and headphones can also be included as additional elements.

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