Noragami Aragoto Blu-ray Review

Life for stray god Yato is not gaining any easire. He’s still broke, shrineless, and his regalia partner has got zero respect for him. Even worse, one of the deadliest war gods, Bishamon, is after his life. Blaming him for the death of her past regalia, she will likeky not stop until she kills him. But there is more to that story than she could truly realize. And as if that is enough, there is someone doing work against her behind the scenes! Can Yato take on a god as strong as Bishamon? Or will things take a more hazardous turn?


Right after he thinks things have settled down, Yato is forced into working with Nora and ought to brave the underworld in order to help a fellow god. The catch? He might wind up stuck there if he can not discover how to escape the queen of the underworld Izanami.


Between all of his godly predicament, Yato even now has to discover how to help Hiyori. But all choices lead to losing her, and he is not ready to make that choice-no matter what.


5 yen does not even will cover his hassle!


Blu Ray Review


It truly is about time! Good grief! I was starting out think this season would lost forever. It still contains the solid acting of the first season and the plot continues and broadens. This really can be a wonderful view of the world of Japanese deities showed and sent to life. Prepare yourself of having your hearth ripped out and stomped on, which the anime industry contains a knack for that.


I have get to expect it. Cannot really tell much about the show without giving things away, but at this moment who is there that has not wathed it on the internet already, it truly chaps me that Funimation kept this anime too long. I think they will blame piracy, however I truly think they just love tormenting people. Lol... However, you can read the second season review of Noragami in Anime Bibly, MAL or IMDB.


When I first watched Noragami, I really enjoyed it but I had only one serious problem – inadequate backstory. I recognized it was lurking there, tantalizingly hinted at, but the first season just gives you a little bit of it. It’s different with season 2 that provides a lot more pleasing helping, despite still leaving enough for a third season.


According to Anime Bibly, the story is separate roughly into two arcs, the first involving Bishamon and the second with Ebisu. Both arcs revealed Yato’s past and works to flesh out the other characters. I moreover truly loved the opening theme for this season. I couldn’t resist watching them every episode.



Overall, I was happy to lastly find this Noragami Aragoto blu ray. I had pretty much given up hope that this wouldn’t be released. Having said taht the anime is excellent and I thirstily await the third season.

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